A feature film in development with FILM4 & STRAY BEAR PRODUCTIONS.

Stage - development funding granted by FILM4


Seru Fortuna ( the mountain of fortune) - a ghetto community on the bounty island Curacoa. The setting of our feature film that finds inspiration in Cidade de Deus, Girlhood and The Wire.

A drama about two sisters seeking redemption after their father dies due to the air polution. One slips into the criminal world while the other seeks justice in higher places.  A fictional story revealing painful truths about the Dutch colonial past and the hidden reality of the present day inequality. 


A young musician is suddenly left with the care of her hero and mentally ill brother, after he is discharged from a psychiatric hospital. An energetic, wild, painful and moving story of a brother and sister set in the UK, and the music scene as a poetic journey for the inner worlds of the characters. 

The film touches on youth, mental illness and sibling love. Questioning the lack of care offered by the government, leaving families to fend for themselves.  

Stage -  development funding granted by the Dutch Film fund